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5 Top Tips of a Successful Business

“There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes, but with hard work there are no limits!”

Michael Phelps.

As a business owner it’s easy to feel like you are going at it alone. Those long to-do lists, extra hours at your desk and constant pressure of meeting your financial commitments.

If you’re feeling a little daunted, it’s possible to break the trend by creating daily habits to keep you on track. If you can embed new and positive habits into your daily routine you will start to feel a weight off your shoulders, and before long you will accelerate your progress towards your goals.

Similar to the way creating a website can do wonders for a business’s image, daily habits can change your life for the better. That is, by improving your ability to succeed, your mood and your health.

Like most things in life, daily habits require discipline and commitment. According to a recent study, it takes 18+ days to form a new habit. Ready to go on this journey with full power? Then you won’t want to miss the advice offered below.

Early Bird catches the worm

Starting your day out early allows you to devote more of it to your performance goals, and have more time for a successful routine. This doesn’t mean starting on a coffee and emails over breakfast but can be a trip to the gym, a daily meditation, a hearty breakfast.

Success in business requires true effort and grit, along with a steadfast concentration. Considering that most of us are usually so caught up and chaotic during the day, we need those early morning hours to really focus our minds and prepare for the day ahead. There's no better habit for achieving your goals, whether personal or professional, than waking up early.

Reaching those goals

Frequently our to do lists are hefty and we end our days feeling unaccomplished, as we’ve never made it to the end with a completed one. If that’s the case for you, try reframing this mentality by just focusing on three of those tasks each day. Then, tackle these items first.

Setting daily goals for your business should be done early in the morning when your mind is fresh. Come up with a metric that you can measure and ensure that you work towards that end every single day. Break down your long-term goals into daily goals so that you can have a short-term target towards accomplishing your dreams.

Time, time, time

One of the best habits to have in business by far is the effective management of your time. How you use your time says a lot about how successful you are. Do you waste your time and squander it on activities that you could easily cut out of your life such as endlessly surfing the internet or on jobs that could easily be delegated to your team or outsourced?

Considering that we all have the same amount of time in this world, and that more time can't be saved or created as is the case with money, once we use that time, it's gone forever. Come up with a good system for managing your time and stick to it. Don't get distracted or dissuaded. Stay focused so that you can achieve your goals.

Measure and manage

As a plane travels from one point in the world to another, it tracks and analyses its progress moment-by-moment. It knows its speed, altitude, direction of travel and a million other factors, every second during that journey. Because the plane knows that, it can make adjustments when necessary in order to reach its goal of arriving on time.

The point? The more detailed metrics, and the more often you track things, the more likely you'll move towards your goals and know what's working and what's not. Pick a metric for your business and track it every single day without fail. Take the time to analyse and understand what's working and what's not.

Mingle with the masses

Success in business has very much to do with networking. It's not always about what you know, what you have, or what you're even capable of, it's who you know that can really make the difference. Clearly, most people understand this, but not everyone enlists the habit of networking into their daily routines.

Network every single day. Spend time meeting with people (whether it’s face to face or through social networks), speaking with people, or collaborating with people and find out where you can add value to the equation.

Don't look for something in return. Simply try to help others. Find ways to guide people in the right direction and add value to their business. Eventually, they'll come around to help you or introduce you to someone who will make a difference in your business.

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