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Can your business afford to ignore it's digital voice?

In today's visual age, no entrepreneur, freelancer or small businesses can afford to ignore their brand and digital voice.

Customers will make their buying decisions based on your digital presence. Therefore effective communications with your existing client base through your website, social media, digital listings and events will increase customer loyalty and help you spread the word.

Social media is an ever growing, increasingly integral part of society, and used in many industries to engage with existing and potential customers. Regardless of the size of your business, everyone needs to be a part of social media.

The benefits of using social Media in your business

Success on social media is hard to measure and will vary between companies. However there is one crucial goal that every business should be thriving for, and that is to build a community.

Building a strong, loyal community of followers is key to any successful business searching for results on social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are powerful tools with gargantuan reach that should not be ignored. Once you know which platform best suits your business and where your customers are ‘hanging out’ it can be used as a very effective tool to enhance your business, build brand awareness and generate sustainable growth as your customers become your advocates. Once you have that – you have trust.

The strength of your brand's social community will increase greatly once people start sharing and liking the content you've shared or posted. It’s a place to make friends and enjoy a conversation. It is much more effective when the communication is two-way. Someone who receives a reply, a thank you or just a 'like' for something they have posted on one of your social media feeds is much more likely to engage with you in the future, this is simply because they know they are being heard.

The importance of getting people talking on social media was highlighted in January 2018, when Facebook announced an algorithm update that was designed to prioritise posts and target specific audiences. This impacted on businesses that had settled into an easy method of reaching new customers and growing followers. All of a sudden the old rules didn’t apply and it was a case of adapt or stagnate.

Social media provides an opportunity for businesses to move away from the old fashioned public relations speak, and really show some personality. This can have a huge impact on community interaction. Users are much more likely to engage with brands that make an effort to communicate with them on a human level. The exact tone you use will depend on the nature of your business and your target audience.

When used effectively, social media can have all the benefits of 'word of mouth', just on a larger scale. Utilising this organic growth will raise the profile of your brand whilst reassuring and creating trust with potential customers.

A strong, consistent and coherent digital voice can take time to build but, when done with a clear goal orientated plan, the benefits are long term, effective and efficient.

10 reasons why you should plan your digital voice

  1. · Raise brand awareness

  2. · Build brand trust

  3. · Increase sales

  4. · Increase customer engagement

  5. · Direct traffic to your website

  6. · Improve ranking on search engines

  7. · Reduce marketing costs

  8. · Provide networking opportunities

  9. · Opportunity for customer feedback

  10. · Opportunity to conduct market research

Is your social media content still relevant?

Any number of trends or developments – which may or may not be within your control, can have an impact on the relevance of your output on social media.

You may have fallen into the habit of posting the same sort of content at regular intervals on the same platforms. This can have an impact on the success of your social media posts and a knock on effect onto your business. If for example there are new competitors out there who are making more of an impact on social media your business might need to evolve too, or risk being left behind.

Implementing your social media strategy can take up a lot of valuable business time. On the surface, social media management can seem like a simple task for many businesses. However, in-between posting content across platforms, running your ads and responding to messages, social media management for corporates can be a lot more daunting that just managing a personal account.

A strong, focussed and original strategy that is bespoke to your business will drive brand awareness and perception, increase brand trust and loyalty, and therefore drive cash flow and revenue.

So what you need to ask yourself is “how can social media help my business?” and “can I afford to dedicate the time to getting it right?” or “would it be more efficient to outsource so that I can concentrate on the business?”

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