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Choosing the RIGHT web platform - CMS isn't for everyone

Wordpress is a great content management system (CMS) that offers those of us with some co

ding knowledge great flexibility and a wealth of add-ons to build a basic site into anything you want or need it to be. Great right? Yes, as long as every time you want to grow your business or adapt your website, beyond basic admin changes, you need to instruct someone to do it for you... and this can get expensive (although great for repeat business!). Would your business be better served by using a web building platform that offers flexibility, adaptable design and one that you can easily be trained on?

For many small businesses your web site is your digital shop front. It's a way of creating a presence that shows existing and new customers who you are and what your business is about. It may even be a place to generate online sales that can go far beyond your local reach. Or a place to go to find out how to find you, make a reservation or to book an appointment that feeds directly into your calendar. They are multifunctional and brilliant but in web build terms... they are very basic and SHOULD be very accessible.

I have researched and experimented across a range of web builders and content management systems including WordPress (who power 30% of websites), WooCommerce, 1&1 IONOS and Shopify but my favourite for the majority of small businesses and is Wix and there is a large and growing number of supporters who agree with me. Take a look at these reviews from

It provides a comprehensive package that suits most business needs and offers fully flexible templated designs as well as the ability to create something unique from scratch. Wix boasts a really intuitive user experience which means you don't need to understand code or negotiate a clunky interface. If you have a creative eye and confident on a computer you can successfully build a website for yourself and put the pennies back into your pocket. If it is for business just ensure you have set up the SEO for each page and labelled all images so that they can be read by google.

If the idea of this is overwhelming you can commission a digital marketeer who will be able to get you up and running as well as provide training so that you can keep the website fresh and relevant to your users. This means you can put extra marketing spend into reaching new audiences through google ads or a social media drive.

When you are ready to update content, add images or develop your own blog the Wix platforms drag and drop tech let's you easily update the content and visually see the impact. It also has a very helpful UNDO button!

Wix has it's limits and it's not right for everyone but for many it is a sensible choice, with no sudden end of term price hikes and it won't leave you feeling out of control. When commissioning a website do your research to help you ask the right questions, research designs that you like in terms of the overall aesthetic and ensure you are getting a total price so that there are no financial surprises.

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