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Events Matter - how could event marketing help your business as part of your overall marketing plan

Live marketing events – why bother in a digital world?

Many of us spend time online, so perhaps you might think that the majority of marketing efforts should be focussed on online projects. It’s true, digital marketing should be a considerable part of your overall marketing strategy, but it is important not to forget about live events which enable you to connect directly with your target audiences. These should be a key part of any good marketing strategy.

Why should live events be a key part of your marketing strategy?

Live events are a fundamental element for many sectors when it comes to your marketing approach. They offer their own unique advantages allowing customers and potential customers to touch, try out and interact with a product or service and meet the personnel creating a deeper relationship. This can have a far broader and bigger impact than the sole use of social media and digital marketing.

Put simply, events reinforce brand and market position face to face providing a compelling brand narrative that lasts a lot longer than a blog post or an Instagram advert. They build a tangible connection especially used in conjunction with forms of digital marketing. The online sphere allows us to communicate with people far and wide without ever having to leave our homes. Whilst this is advantageous and brings many opportunities to a business, the connection that we experience from being in the same room with someone or something is different. This is an opportunity for you to engage with customers on an integral level, build a strong sense of trust and to stand out from the crowd.

No matter how impressive your goods or services, customer loyalty mainly comes through product or service experience, or for new customers through live brand engagement which creates a lasting impression. It is not enough to rely alone on advertising, print or social media campaigns, however key these are to the overall marketing strategy. Live events should work in partnership with these to become one holistic approach that allows you to create that lasting impression.

But do live marketing events actually work?

Stripped back, marketing is a form of communication. It is an opportunity to convey a specific message at the right time. Live events marketing can be a way of communicating this message by connecting directly with customers to clearly demonstrate your message and raise brand awareness, but does it really work?

The digital age has changed the way people do things but there is still a huge amount of value in face to face networking and connections. This can be successful for companies of all sizes (including micro, small and medium), and research has shown that consumers continuously value face to face interactions with importance put on direct human interactions increasing. Live event marketing continues to grow as one of the most important marketing strategies, especially when combined with digital marketing.

“By engaging current and potential customers in live events it is possible to forge a memorable, personal and emotional connection with your brand which leaves a lasting impression.”

If you already have an online presence, you may consider that customers are used to engaging with you or buying your services or products online without much concern, however, there can be mistrust and doubt surrounding a product or service if you have not already established a relationship. Being in the same room as a customer or potential customer is an effective way of building this trust. It may also give you the opportunity to make an offer to them directly which in turn could make you more effective in making sales for your business.

How to approach your live event

Live event marketing, as with all forms, should be goal orientated. The event focus could be to let people know you exist or to build stronger relations with current and potential customers by allowing them to experience your product or service directly. Or you could attend a larger industry event as an exhibitor to educate potential customers on your product or service offering. Other forms could be a live event through the digital world such as webinars or live-streamed workshops.

For an event with the most impact, how about utilising the best of both live and digital worlds by having a holistic digital marketing strategy for your live event? This ensures your target audiences know why they should attend and leverages the power of live experiences to achieve your business objectives.

Secondary audiences – don’t forget them

It is not only the customers and potential customers that attend your live event that will become more aware of your product or service, you could also have hundreds of people connecting through social media sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is important to allocate some time to making sure the live event is share friendly to allow you to engage with this secondary audience and to allow the attendees on site to engage with the secondary audience too creating the most powerful brand ambassadors!

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