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Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2020

At a time when there are a plethora of websites, pop-ups and open tabs competing for our attention, 2020 will see web design going for the bold and strong yet minimalist approach with a focus on content that is rich in content yet uncluttered. Web design will be all about minimalism and order whilst behind the scenes, there will be a greater focus on SEO to ensure it is seen by your intended audience.

Whether you are starting a website from scratch for a new business or want to update and refresh your existing site or app you will want to really impress users with its visual appeal whilst ensuring that your message is not lost. Even if you’re considering outsourcing the work, it’s still important to understand what ideas are timely and fresh, as well as what users will find aesthetically attractive.

These top 5 web design trends for 2020 are here to ensure messages are delivered succinctly and stand out from the crowd. These simple trends work on the front end to create a website that is bang on trend and will hook your clientele in, through the virtual door, as a business that speaks the language of who they are or who they want to be.

Top 5

1: Whitespace

2: Bold Colour Blocks

3: Split screen content

4: Go large

5: Cut the copy

1: Whitespace

OK so whitespace is not particularly new when it comes to design but it is important to reiterate as those who are new to the design world often struggle with creating the balance between space to reflect and absorb the message and relevant content & visuals to reinforce your brand.

Don't be scared of whitespace but it must be in harmony with the overall aesthetic of your site design.

2: Bold Colour Blocks

Use bold colour to break up your content and help the user navigate their journey on your page. This can be solid colour blocks or created through content led images. Keep within a colour palette that represents your brand and use in conjunction with short text to express several messages in an orderly design with manageable chunks of information.

3: Split Screen

This is a bold trend for 2020 that subverts the traditional rectangle that we have subconsciously tired of. It is only when faced with a striking split screen that we realise the rut that web design had got itself into. This is a great way to present multiple message within an instant of landing. By creating a dual scroll function the page becomes more dynamic and interactive as the content shown is led by the user.

4: Go Large

Large fonts, the images, large icons and pop-up navigation that is only there when you need it is intuitive and impressive regardless of the platform being used. This is about decluttering the jun and focussing the content on what the user is looking for.

5: Cut the Copy

Designing is about providing enough information to create the demand and not providing so much that the user gives up. In 2020 the amount of text on websites will be reduced so that users can cut through the noise. The focus will be on the quality of the text - a clear and on brand message that is supported by rich images & animations.

Minimalism is Modern (or post modern or post post modern...)

So, to sum it all up modern website design is focused on minimalism and clarity. Unnecessary elements, such as too much text, will be removed, as users seek to find what they are looking for at break neck speeds. There will be less graphics and motions, but they will be more significant. Cut through the chaos. The goal is to remove all unnecessary distractions from websites and make browsing easier. The interface will be pared back - less will be more as web design in 2020 gets the mindful treatment!

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